If you want to purchase new music, you can go to my music section. I am not writing a biography. I am also not making new videos for the public to take for free. I have much new music and some videos that I am creating, for my enjoyment. I am not doing music for the public anymore. If someone values what I do, they can send me money to hear new, finished and polished material. I am not coming back online as I did before. I have an interest in culture and the arts, not computers. I hardly come on the internet these days. I do not believe that the internet is good for my health. I will come on the internet to check paypal once a week. I am working in the studio to create, fresh, original and creative music. My goal is to improve the sonic quality and the enjoyment level of my creations. I have not enjoyed being online. I believe that the internet is doing a disservice to artists, as people are just waiting for more material that they can take for free. You have to pay for new music or videos now, or nothing. I do music for me and me alone.