Ode and Libretto


Cower like the daughters in the fate from which was born. She rides

luminating through thistles and thorns..there.

Lunars countenances will lead upon her way, its glare is

enchanted. The hours feel like days...here.

Winding~meanderings-into the lybrinth and time.

Never an ending-devoid of a meaning or rhyme.

In the laughter and the splendor of the tears upon her lash,

the door kindly opens, behind her it crashed.

Lunar turned to solar pioretted evermore,

the dance skip of freedom...in peonies un fleur.

Trees Can Speak

Seabird, fish and flowers they wish, that we would go away.

Living here amongst our stench, insecticide and spray.

We may think our minds all knowing,

our powers quick and overflowing,

but trees can speak, majestic, meek and wisdom winds are blowing.

The Us and You

Sounds and thoughts of commerce, who's who.

Wired into the Us and You.

The Us are the ins and the power circle-

and You are the flesh to feed what's commercial.

Green is the face of dollars, no sense.

Green is the colour of their jealous hints.

The Us feels the passion, they'll hear Your cloud's din.

Restraining the You as they save their own kin.

They know that You're breathing in lamenting of cries..

Reminders of equity.. they will surely deny...

Say Your goodbyes.

Flautist's Dream

Running your fingers fair...through all my tresses here~

Locked down and turned around-you only realized...

When I made all my errors~far from the emperors

gold hearts and all that's love.you don't know where

I 've been.

And, I'm flying through the corridors~and I'm dancing

through the forests and the trees...and I'm living with

thoughts of doves...and it's like you please.

Woods will never be dark and haunted.

Wild eyed and weary lad..he found me and said...

where have you been my girl..missed your curls of gold

..sunkissed~enchants my soul. More the raven hairs

I missed your words so rare.

And I'm flying through the corridors-and dancing through

the forests and the trees..and living with the thoughts

of doves..then leaping through the colours of the breeze-

and twirling through the flowerbeds..our kisses on bended knee~

I will remember our hug..

Just the passion-the locks..the strands...between my fingers..

like no other.

Finding that Girl

I am always in a rush like I have been..cut down my emotions

looking from within. But you never wanted me tonight, you never

wanted me, that's right. God how I want you, like I always do.

Living in the undecided world. Living the dark like, we're lost

without our pearls. Tell me where you go from here, I'm hiding

in myself...and I'm finding that girl.

Oh, his smile is handsome, like its always been...

wishing he were like you, running from this sin...now I really

wanted you tonight. You really wanted me, that's right, oh

how I want you, like I always do.

Living in an undecided world..living in the dark like, we're

lost without our pearls. Tell me where we go from here

I'm hiding in myself...and I'm finding that girl.

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